Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some Final 2007 Men: Happy New Year 2008!

OK, I had four more of these posts I had wanted to do, including one with some beautiful women, but time is running out, just like the year. I gotta get to bed!

If I get home early from work tomorrow or if I can drag my ass out of bed early in the morning, I'll try to finish posting my selections.

Tomorrow might be busy and I fear this could be my final post for 2007. You never know, though. I might try to blog from work tomorrow, but it'll be tricky.

Maybe the Powers-that- be will even let us out early tomorrow from work. Yeah, uh-huh, I doubt it!

I got in trouble last week because my boss had the perception I was being disruptive about working on Christmas Eve. Well, perhaps I was a little. I never work on Christmas Eve. Each year I take the last two weeks of the year off, and I was more than irate working Christmas Eve this year. Unfortunately, with my health problems last summer and fall, I wasn't able to put in my time-off request nor did I have enough leave time. We'll see, though.

These next men are guys I find handsome and cute. Yeah, I know. Cute is not a very masculine adjective, but there is something gentle to some of these guys that rugged, handsome, phiiiine, whatever machismo word you want to use, doesn't do justice....

You'll notice I have a couple of guys with braids and dreads, which is a big turn on for me. I love a man who can carry his Afrocentric hairstyle well. Speaking of braids, I'm about due to get mine put back in. Hopefully my cousin Ronnie will be free this week so she can do something with my untamed mane. I've been playing the roll of Heatmiser (or Sonic the Hedgehog, take your pick) for too long now. I'm gonna start the new year looking as fresh as I can, LOL

In any case, if this is my last post for 2007, I wanna thank everyone who has read the blog and stuck by my bad grammar, occasion left out word, and awful puns all year long. I wanna wish ya all the best for the next 3-6-5. 2007 has been a real blast and let's make 2008 better! Don't give up on me. Keep on reading. I'm starting to get more readership and see the counter is slowly increasing.

Godspeed to all of you out there! Happy New Year!


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