Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where Da Hell You Put Mah Pants???

Ah yes. It's been awhile since I posted some naked men on the blog. I'm pulling out all the stops before the New Year starts. Let's see what goodies I can find on my computer to post tonight.

, none of these men were around my Christmas Tree this year. Still I can dream, can't I? Before the Holidays are over, I'll have write a piece on my fantasy Christmas.

My weekend is good so far. I caught up on sleep yesterday from being under the weather. Later this evening I'm headed over to Queen Hester's for dinner and a movie. I'm grateful for her help these last few months because there days I don't think I woulda made it if it weren't for my friends this year.

I wish I had some sagely, inspirational words to accompany my pictorial post, but words fail me right now. My brain is all befuddled still from my little bug I caught.

Leoban, a regular reader of the Axe, questions why I post so much eye candy. He feels I'm sublimating my true desires into posting all these hunky men I probably will never have. Perhaps he's onto something, but hey, this blog is about me! I post what I want. At least I do put intuitive thoughts on the Internet and not just regurgitated pornography. I put artistic representations of the nudes and photos I find on the 'Net. I made a promise when I first started I would never post graphic sexual acts, erect penises, or vagina's wide open, or the like, on my blog. I have no problem with those things, but again, the Axe is my blog of journey and discovery, not an excuse to be pornographic. I may be many things, but perverted isn't one.

And yet, have I been over the top with my male nude posts? I've been good with the women I post. To be honest, I'm floating in the 85% homo/15% hetero scale these days and am not interested in posting too many women, clothed or unclothed. I release the "Inner Queer" trapped, and still upon occasion, for far too long.

This last year really has allowed me to be more open with myself and attempt to further be at ease, not just sexually speaking, but emotionally speaking as well. By thrusting my demons out there for everyone to see, I allow myself to become greater than I have been.

Whatever you think of my blog, I hope there's some aspect you find insightful, amusing, pleasurable, intriguing, or entertaining. It has been a wonderful experience this last year for me...

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