Friday, March 1, 2013

Wrong Direction

So, Harry Styles got a shoe thrown at his junk at a concert. Apparently, an overzealous fan wanted him to touch something of hers to feel a deeper connection. So you throw a frakkin' shoe at his balls? Okaaaayyy. Y'all can keep your crazed fans, Oh Dee.

Normally I don't appreciate any humor in a man getting hit in the sweet spot. Truly, it ain't funny. If you think it is, then you've never been the recipient of the experience. That said, I was an ig'nant som'body when I laughed my ass off yesterday watching at work. I couldn't help myself.  

Sorry, Harry. I hope your nads are OK, but my disdain for your group, One Direction, is paramount these days. They're everywhere on Tumblr blogs. If you're lucky to know any 'tweens or teens, you're bombarded with their music. Ugh. Enough. Weren't boy bands over in the early 2000s? NKOTB Save us!!!!!!

So semi-seriously, why are these boys relevant? Well, as a middle aged man, they shouldn't be. As my friend Viktor posted not long ago on Friendbook, if you're older than 15 and you like One Direction, your taste in music is suspect. That's paraphrased, but you catch his drift, eh?

I don't understand the fascination with One Direction. I just don't. Someone care to explain it to me? Really. New Edition help, but I really want to know. Maybe 'cause I'm too old, not into l'il boys, and am not a 'tween-aged girl, I'm not supposed to understand. And let's buy a clue boys.... Miss Honey! Girl! (written with the emphasis so intended)....really, lets get with the program. You're gay just like the rest of us!!! LOL.

 For all those young girls, it's bad news. For all those young, gay boys, it perhaps, depending on taste good news. Aren't two members always grabbing for each others' stuff? I've heard of horseplay, but Oh Dee takes it to the Nth degree. Even the boys in my fraternity didn't pull stunts I've observed between One Direction, and my frat bros were very questionable at times. Well, aren't all fraternity boys? Heheheh. OK, don't slam me for that one.

And from what my coworker told me, rumors have been abound for some time. She mention something about "Larry?" I wasn't too sure what the eff she was talking about. Wasn't paying attention.  I was checking the hot guy in the office's ass at the time. Oh yeah, Liam and Harry are boyfriends secretly. Oh, they deny it. One of them was dating Taylor Swift or someone or other. But PLEASE...Let the evidence speak for itself. Observe:

Now I don't know Larry from Harry from Gary to Barry, or whoever they are. I only know that they're young, silly, and annoy me. But, they are entitled to butter their biscuits however they choose. This much is true. So let me shut it down and live and let live. But I'm jus' sayin'??? For REAL? Straight?

Yeah, sure... Really? Not gay?  Uh-huh.


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