Thursday, March 7, 2013

Super Duper, Above & Beyond.

Chris Evans is one handsome piece of eye candy. That ass!

OK, confession time. I hate the roles Chris has done for the Marvel Universe. Yeah, I know, hate is a mighty strong word. Alright, intensely disliked, is that better? As Captain America in The Avengers and as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the previous incarnation of the Fantastic Four, I found him rather....blah. Don't get me wrong. I think Chris is a talented actor. His portrayal of Rogers and Storm brought both characters to life, trust. However, I'm waiting for that one film that stretches Chris' talent above and beyond. Something stupendous.

Am I the only one who is tired of the comic book movie sagas? No more revamps. Go away Spider-man. Don't redo Fantastic Four. Please don't ruin my X-men. The industry is over saturating the market. No wonder decent Wonder Woman/Justice League product can't be achieved. All the talent is being spread too thin. I need that next, great, cinematic masterpiece, worthy of my  hard earned dollars, undying adoration, and praise. Has there been one film to fulfill that lately? Um, not to my knowledge.  Life of Pi attempted to rise to the occasion, but nope. Awesome book, dreadful movie. 

Dear Hollywood: no more Magic Mike-like films.  Don't! Just don't. Sure, itt looks sexy at the time. It'll brought in the box office returns, but in 20-, 30-, 40- years from now, do you honestly think folk will remember Magic Mike? Hm. Doubtful. It's no Casablanca!

True. I must be the only gay man alive who hated Magic Mike...

Fell asleep on that shizzz. Thank the deities of ye ole stripper pole, Chris Evans wasn't offer any part in that project. Not cute. Not sexy. I'm be an easy lay, but I ain't a cheap date! I want Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y!!!

I have discerning tastes. I'm a tough sell.  And I'm glad.

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Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

I just refused to watch magic mike bc stuff like that is so damn cheesy. I also do not like fawning over straight men. I do not like that. U know how i feel about offering up straight men to gay men.

also...i cant say enough how glad i am to see you blogging.


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