Friday, March 8, 2013

Till Death Us Do Part

Big D and I are nowhere near marriage in our relationship. Shoot! We're not necessary in a committed or exclusive sitch yet (I'm still seeing someone else on the regular). A part of me has given thought to getting married again. I was married in my mid 30s and kinda naive as to the expectations. Plus, I was still dancing around my issues, so the union was doomed from the beginning.

Pennsylvania will probably be one of the last states to legalize gay marriage, but with surrounding states like New York, New Jersey, and Maryland, I could jump the broom over state lines. It's something to ponder.

Yeah, I do dream of consistency. The house with the cliche picket (why it gotta be white?!?! LOL) fence, living in suburbia with my husband (or call me crazy, maybe wife?), the 2.5 kids, dog, and cat. But where are we going with the issue?

I've had multiple conversation with my friends, both gay and straight, on the subject. All agree its waaaaaaay past time for all 50 States in the Union to legalize the sanction between same sex couples. The reality, however, is I think between the Southern states and the conversatative Midwestern states,  Hell will descend upon the Earth, and they'll go down kicking and screaming until Captain Kirk saves us from Khan. Meaning, those states...frakk, mine too, are years if not decades away from any same sex legislature being approved.

Still, we fight the good fight. I might not get married to Darryl, but I want the right that if  reach that decision, we can. I want that opportunity here at home. Why should I run to some other state or Commonwealth for recognition, eh?

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Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

Omg you are so right. Everyone does not want to move to another state or territory. Bigots in power or not, I mean like damn some of us grew up there and we are fine settling there as well. Everyone does not have that deep desire to travel or just pick and leave like gypsies. You know....We should have that right.


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