Thursday, March 7, 2013

Without Sin

Yes! Preach!

As someone who has struggled with reconciling faith and sexuality, I'm glad that this meme is floating out there on the Interwebs for youth (and some adults) to see. I've long ago come to terms with myself...maybe not so much with my faith, but at least myself. It all goes back to a Perfect Creator. If the Perfect Universal Being exists, which I firmly believe, one that has foreknowledge of every outcome, person's destiny, why would He (in my belief) allow for beings to be created only for torment? It makes no sense.

Besides, examine other things people could/couldn't do in the Old Testament days.... men shave or cut their hair, women have their menses anywhere in the village, masturbate, sell their daughters into slavery...on and on. No. I think the Old Testament was a guide of law until the fulfillment of Christ's coming.

I don't have the time to go into this deeper, because I'm so running late for work. But I'll finish my train of thought later. Sorry for the craptacular post. LOL. There is supposed to be an inspiration message. Hope you got it.

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