Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Malcolm Had Forsight

While I'm sure Malcolm wasn't applying this thought to the struggle for gay marriage, other denied rights for same sex couples and a host of other current events, I'm gonna make the stretch and draw a connection. If I can. Briefly. I know I can get wordy...

We still have no trial date for Trayvon Martin's accused murderer, yet taxpayer's dollars are endlessly being spent on the Jodi Arias foolishness.... I believe in proper jurisprudence, but please. Her convenient memory loss screams this chick is maniacal, conniving, lying, and best of all, guilty of premeditated murder.When is George Zimmerman going to have his day in court?

Spending, cuts, and bipartisan banter back and forth. Lord, when I heard Sen. Rand Paul stood on the floor for 12 hours ranting about some unrelated issue purposely filibustering the confirmation for the new CIA Director, I laughed. Really? You know you effed up when John McCain and Lindsey Graham snub you off in your own party.

As CNN is fond of saying,  this is another example of Government kicking the can down the road. Ugh. Can we talk about real issues? Like employment, social security, domestic programs being cut, my DECREASING paycheck and INCREASING bills! Really? What's wrong America?

Wrong is indeed, wrong. Priorities have become misguided or neglected entirely. Have we lost our way? Can we get back on the path? In the 40 + years since Malcolm spoke these word, our country has made tremendous progress, so at times, but still progress. Now with so many issues in the news, I feel we're regressing. I don't understand. Someone explain....

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