Saturday, March 9, 2013

Posting Frustration.

Shit tends to piss me off when I cvan't figure it out, especially when I know the answer is rather simple. It's my own fault, I'm trying to do this layout for a post in the wee hours when I should just take my ass to bed, but noooooo.

For awhile now, I've noticed bloggers are able to get pictures centered in a group in a nice block grid. You know, like the Brady Bunch intro? In the past I tried tinkering with it with no success. I let it go. So tonight I discovered another blogger has been doing it on the regular, so I say to self, "this can't be that hard. Lemme give another go."

Merde. A nightmare. I got so frustrated I deleted the entire post save one same picture that I'll use later. If anyone is reading, and is an expert at configure layouts like this, please drop me a note. I'd appreciate it. I come up with good ideas or see things from Tumblr that I don't know how to incorporate on Blogspot.

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