Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who's Better?

So I'm in the market for a new phone, possibly even a new carrier. My old, antiquated, Blackberry just doesn't make the grade anymore! I need something more reliable and efficient. I'm not sure what to get. I don't need the phone to walk, talk, and proclaim the Holy name of Jesus, but I need it to be current to what's capable. So what to get?

I was all set to go with the Samsung Galaxy series, either the S II or SIII, but then I spotted the HTC products, typically the Evo. My best friend had recommended going with the i-Phone, but that seemed way too complicated. I not sure what to get. Anyone reading have suggestions? Some of the criteria I want is a phone with 4G capability, excellent memory, dependable battery life, and easy to use/read screen.

My biggest concern with switching from my Blackberry is getting used to the touch screen as far as texting. I've gotten so accustomed to using the keypad, I think my fingers are too uncoordinated to touch a screen. Lord. I hate it now that I really don't keep up with technology like I used to.

As far as carriers, should I jump ship from my current cell service? I've been with them forever, but if I can find a inexpensive contract with unlimited data, well, loyalty schmolyalty! Virgin Mobile looks like contender, but there phones are expensive! I can't afford to plunk down $300+ right away. I'm not a fan of AT & T or  Sprint, but they do have some good plans. Most of my friends and family have Verizion. Then there's T-Mo, which has the advantage buying a phone on an easy pay plan.


Did I mention I hate it I'm not a technology ho anymore? LOL

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Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

let me assist you darling. The new blackberries are out and they are amazing. THe blackberry z10 and q10. please look them up and be amazed. Blackberry is really coming into the new age. The q10 would be perfect for you.

I have tmobile and just got the new Google Nexus 4. Why? google sells it contract free for a steal! 299 and you get to choose your own carrier. Tmobile went all prepaid this year and I have always had prepaid service. I pay 50 bucks unlimited everything with one of the world's most advanced and hottest phones. I love it. I just got mine in january.

If I could get anything else, Id go for that blackberry z10.

In other news , no galaxy's yet. On march 14, samsung will be revealing the much anticipated samsung galaxy s4!!!!


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