Sunday, March 10, 2013

One Loveable Klepto

Ksensia Solo has to be one of the best actresses to play a sidekick in a television show. I love, love, love her as Kenzi, resident human on Lost Girl. She's one crazy, wig wearin', often pilfering & mooching, loveable gal. 

Lost Girl is doing great for it's third season. Wasn't too sure what direction the show would go after Bo and crew defeated the Garuda in the Season 2 finale, but so far, Season 3 is doing more character development.

My only complaint? Well, Kenzi broke up with her boyfriend Nate ( portrayed by Aaron Ashmore, twin brother to Shawn) and it looked as though a fae-human love connection was going to happen between Kenzi and Vex, but no dice. Alas, Vex left town after he safeguard Bo against the Morrigan's wishes. Damn. I was just starting to like nice Vex.

I enjoy the show and hope the show can make it. Thanks to it, the SyFy Channel is actually worth watching again!

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