Saturday, June 28, 2008


Made some changes to the blog...again. Frankly, I'm tired of people coming here to look for porn. I've temporarily removed the labels to discourage people looking for the "hot stuff", but they'll be back in a few days.

Early on, when I wasn't sure what I wanted my blog to be, I did more picture posting than actual thought. Now, I'm trying to get away from that. Oh sure, I love the sight of a beautiful man, true...

Last night went to a party, drank waaaay more than I should've, and ended up sleeping over. Today was rather mellow except for having some Cop follow me home and running my license plate! I guess dude thought since I drive a nice card with a disabled person placard, I must have stolen it. Loved the "my bad" expression on his face when we reached my house and he saw my gimpy ass get out of the car! Uh-huh. I hate cops.

Besides that wonderful moment, went to the library, ran errands, paid bills (such joy), and puttered around the house. Overall, a rather mellow day. and I feel good. Gotta get some supper in my belly soon cause I haven't eaten a damn thing today 'cept an Asiago cheese bagel.

Tomorrow's plans include going to church with Tamodi, her daughters, and her mom. Should be interesting... haven't set foot in church in well over a year! I'll probably spontaneously combust or somethin' crossing the threshold. I'm nervous as Hell about it. Not so much over God hating me, I know He loves me, but His congregation is different matter.

Given attitudes some Black churches have towards gays, apprehension doesn't do justice to my uneasiness. Been to Tamodi's church once or twice before. It has more of a traditional Black church feel, like my home church, than the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) gay church I occasionally attend. But going to a predominantly heterosexual church, um...There's no question of my sexual orientation, as someone eloquently indicated, so I might stick out like a sore thumb tomorrow, but I'm gonna make my best effort to get there. We all could use more of Faith in our lives, especially me.

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photogreg said...

Hope your church visit went well. Were there any hot black guys there?


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