Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh, Hell No!

Looking back over my life, for what it's worth, I'd much rather been spanked as child. But no. My parents always tried to talk things out and therein, lay heavy ass, life memorable, guilt. Teaching my sisters and me a lesson.

Many an afternoon or evening was spent sitting before the original Council of Bitches; my mum and dad. Now some of you who were spanked, might wish you'd been given the "talking to." Phttt. No you didn't! Unlike the pain from the belt, switch, extension cord, shoe, blah blah blah...(a child of the 70s here. Whatever was close, worked!) that pain eventually wore off. My parents made the simplest in fraction seem a capitol one offense and talked until the were blue in the face. It was monotonous!

To their credit, though, my parents did instill values to my sibs and me. We understood the concept of right from wrong. When to say "please" and "thank you" "yes sir," and "no ma'am." Unlike some of the heathen Hell-acious children I see today, my generation learned principle and respect as children.

I find today's children are wild hellions set loose in the streets to do whatever damage to society they can without consequence. I was out and about the today and saw a little child running around all across the grocery store, actin' a fool. Her mother, her Black mother, was lettin' her tear around like nothin was wrong. You might be saying, "How do you know she was the girl's mama?" Cuz the brat was screamin' "mommy" at the top of her lungs and fussed at the woman in question, that's why!

Bitch! Did this mother loose her damn mind an' self-respect? She was around my age bracket, somewhere over 30 for sure, so I know her mother had to have taught "Mommy" when she was a little girl! Why is "Mommy" letting this child make us , and you know what exactly I mean by us, all look bad? I've never found myself more in a position to correction someone's child before until today. I wanted to walk up to Mommy and yell "Come on now girl! You know we were raised better'n that. Discipline your child!"

But despite being a gay man with class, first and foremost I'm a man, and it would be my place to correct the woman. Plus we live in the 21st century, ain't trying to get myself hurt, arrested, or all the above. So I went about my business, shopping, complaining the whole time. I wish Tamodi, Miss Pam, my cousin Ronnie, or some self-respecting Black women woulda been around! I know a woman couldn't let that shit go. She'd have to speak up. Damn straight!

Whatever happened to pride,respect, and not lettin' your kids embarrass your ass in public? My generation had its "punishments" but you always came away from it having learned something...YOU BEST NOT DO IT AGAIN!!! While the punishments were annoying as all get out, you knew after it was over to keep your ass inline or else you'd be right back there again. Ha! I guess I'm missing the ways things used to be. But I suppose every generation says the same about the succeeding generation of children.

Dang! When did I turn into an old-head fuddey-duddey!?!? LOL!

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Queen Hester said...

I say this kind of thing everyday, working in retail. Everyone always compliments Robin, Fleur and myself for their behavior in public and I say "That's the way it should be". If you want video games, toys and trips you best keep yourself in line. My Mom taught me right too and I try to pass that on.



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