Monday, June 23, 2008

The Man Underneath

Regular posting will resume tomorrow. My media blackout only lasted 8 hours, but was enough time to regroup. Emotionally and physically, I'm drained. Yesterday's respite was well spent for spiritual cleansing and emotional detox. I'm not 100% recharged, but not necessarily at the bottom of the well either. Nobody wants to deal with sad sack, not even me.

Today, I constructively muddled through unresolved angst and there is a post forthcoming, but I'm still in congress with my inner child, so it'll have to wait. The healing process can be a bitch, can't it? But in the long run, it's all good. Right?

Till Tomorrow,

****Greg, Heinz, Vince, Muhammad, and David...I will respond to your emails in the morning. Thanks for the concern and correspondence. As always, it's much appreciated!

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