Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Junito?!? No You Didn't!


Word on the street is Wilson Cruz will not be in the Noah's Arc follow up movie. Siiiiiiigh. Dammit!Why the F not! Maybe there was a schedule conflict? Maybe he turned down reprising the role? Maybe he hates the character? Maybe...oh, I just want Wilson. Merde. How could you do this to me Patrik-Ian? I mean, come on my brother! We share a name!

So hurt, so hurt, so sad...

Now I understand how some my friends felt about Aidan not being in the Sex and the City movie. But unlike Aidan, I liked Junito! And I absolutely adore Wilson Cruz. I'm way over Jensen Atwood. No offense, bruh is hot and all, but I'm so tired of him. Watch five minutes of Dante's Cove and you'll see my point. Ugh! Besides, I'm the mindset I want my actors playing gay, really to be gay. Watching Rockmond Dunbar in Dirty Laundry was frustrating. I was really pissed at him for being straight. Rockmond seemed so convincing. Argh! You wouldn't ask a white person to put on black face and pretend to be black would you??

I know, I know, I know... it's not the same issue. Just thank God Wilson's family. I do.

It's funny how things progress. When he starred in My So-Called Life, Wilson was an awkward, effeminate teen. Too delicate. He kinda creeped me out then. Now don't go yellin' at me, I have issues with my own masculinity at times, so I know it was pure projection.

I'm not sure why, but when Wilson resurfaced on Ally McBeal as a transvestite (cross-dresser? I never know which terminology is best to use) and the character was subsequently killed, my hot button surged. In fact, that episode is one of the few Ally McBeal shows I kept. This brother got real me sweaty.

Wilson's filled out rather nicely since playing Ricky Vasquez or Stephen/Stephanie. I miss Junito! I gushed like a little school girl whenever Wilson had a scene with Christian Vincent (Ricky). And his smile? You've seen that radiant smile. Does anyone have a sexier smile?

Wilson's got a whole lotta Latin spitfire goin' on! He's handsome as Hell. Almost said "cute" but that seems so damn childish. And Wilson seems a genuine and sincere actor. His role as Kelly in Coffee Date moved me to tears. Ugh, the unrequited love situation! Been there. Who hasn't?

Most encouraging is Wilson gives back to the LGBT/SGL community. I admire that. He donates himself to causes helping LGBT youth, particularly, youth of Persons of Color. Unlike other well-known "out" child actors, Wilson remembers his upbringing and knows how to give back.

I miss seeing Wilson on TV.(If I say it enough times, maybe my wish will come true?) Perhaps those bastards at Logo who made the decision to cut the series will bring Noah and company back, then I can get my fill.

I doubt it. If anything gay Hollywood is predominantly about white gays. Check on my recent post on top 100 men for 2008 if you think otherwise. How many brothers were on the list outta 100?

No, giving us the upcoming Noah's Arc movie was giving a dog a bone; to pacify us. Oh, just about every gay Black will spend their hard earned dollar to see this feature, so the "Powers-that-be" aren't stupid. I'm sorry if that offends anyone. That's just my personal opinion.

There. Didn't I tell you I'd still post little blurbs on pop culture and sexy guys? Besides, after yesterday's topic, didn't we need something lighthearted today?

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it"


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