Friday, June 6, 2008

Thanks, Beastie!

You realize I only went to sleep about three hours ago? I'm tired as Hell, but I promised Hester I'd meet her for lunch this afternoon, so I set my alarm clock so I could get up on time.

My radio stations I listen to varies. Throughout the day, at least one of the three Cumulus Media stations or NPR is on my radio. Typically, I'll start off with WINK 104 for my WINK Watch News and Sue Campbell's Celebrity Gossip fix (yes I'm nerdy like that, but it's my ritual dammit!) then flip over to The Touch for Tom Joyner for the rest of the morning hours.

Groggily, this morning I woke up hearing the sports scores. Ignoring it, I rolled over, snoozed another moment, started dreaming about one the NBA players I'd like to bend over a desk. I won't mention his name, but I'll give you a hint. One of this team colors is also one of my fraternity's colors. Vague hint, somewhat, but not too difficult to figure out which team at least.

, I'm babbling.

I was jolted awake moments later hearing local graduation commencements tonight and a "fake" flashback segment talking about the crazy fashion statements in the 90s, like pegging your jeans. HA! Had to laugh at that one. Hadn't thought about rolling the legs of pants in years!

Then John Beaston asked, "Does anybody remember British Knights? There was this blog..." Denny cut him off, as usual, so John didn't say specifically Weilding the Axe by name, but I'm positive he was gonna.

British Knights?!? How many blogs do you know out there blogging about British Knights??? Ha ha ha. So, you see? Somebody out there is reading this drivel. My blog caught Beastie's attention. Why? I haven't a clue, but I did mention the station by name. Whenever I see my name, either my real name or the Darktomahawk moniker on Google, I always have to check it out. Is that what he did? "Mebbeh," as the PA Dutchies say. Maybe that's why.

Regardless, thanks for the shout out John! I'm honored.

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