Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Olde English "800"

Ah yes. If ther'se anything that reminds me of summers in the 80s, it's Olde English 800, best known as "ghetto beer." Oh please! I'm surprised they still market the product.

Yeah, sure. Olde E, Schlitz, and Colt.45 were marketed to larger communities, but the stereotype was mostly Black folks drank the stuff. None of my white friends ever did. Does anyone else drink malt liquor ("likka")? Somebody, tell me. Tell me it's just a stereotype! Please.

Hmm. Many a weekend night during my high school yeah was spent in the park sipping on a 40 (ounce) of trashy beer with Stephan, Hawka, and a host of other friends. So I suppose, like anything else, they have their proper time and place. For me, that's in the past.

Does anyone really drink this now? For me? Pass me the vodka and cranberry juice!

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Anonymous said...

I remember drinking old E too in the 80's. I don't no if any caucasians drank old english, but my thoughts on seeing the old english advertisment in your blog is that old english in my opinion was never seen as a classy hip drink that you buy at a party when your out with that special someone. So i would have to say that the picture that the advertisement displays is not only false, but racist.


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