Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chacón Pummels Wade

Sometimes it shocks me what goes on in the minds of professional athletes in this country. Other times, it doesn't.

What's frustrating is why so many Black athletes get caught doing stupid shit they know if they get caught, they'll get absolutely crucified for doing it! Lord. My people, my people! Just keep your nose cleeeaaaan. If you can't do that then, just keep your business as discreet as possible and please don't do something so foolish it makes us all look bad.

What am I talkin' about? Well I got both a news blurb in my email and a phone call from Miss T this morning on how Houston Astro's pitcher Shawn Chacón has been suspended indefinitely for insubordination. Apparently he slammed General Manager Ed Wade against the floor!

Now Lord knows, as a Phillies fan, I have no love loss for the former Phillies General Manager. I personally think Ed Wade is the Anti-Christ, the personification of evil! But there's never any excuse for violence, yet I can't say that Wade didn't have this coming to him in some respects.

My firm conviction stands the Universe is balanced and eventually what we do, good or evil, catches up with us. Yes, there is Karma. Perhaps the worst GM is the history of baseball, Wade is a ferret of a man who's tenure in Philadelphia was less than stellar. I won't say he had this coming to him, I won't. It's not my place. Let the man's actions and resulting consequence speak for themselves...

Reading the Yahoo News article, I could only shake my head in disbelief. You shoulda kept under control Shawn. Now, his career hangs by a thin threat. Chacón probably won't pitch again in Major League Baseball. Let's hope this won't be the case.

Chacón, who is half Latino/African American, has played for a variety of ball clubs, notably the Colorado Rockies and the New York Yankees. Carefully reviewing through the news blurb, a I tend to sympathize for Shawn. As I said, Ed Wade is evil! He's a malicious man with attitude disguised as the "loving father-figure" GM who is sooooo concerned about his Club's well being! Bullshit, ask any Philadelphia Phillies fan about Wade's stay here! "Dead" Wade came across as an arrogant, pessimistic man with a huge Napoleonic complex. (Dude seriously has a huge head with Mickey Mouse ears, and seriously resembles a ferret, but I digress.)

Many will remember the problems the early 2000s Phillies club had in their clubhouse. I attribute much of that to Ed Wade. Any fan can easily recall the countless closed door meetings between managers and players or recall players fleeing the Phillies in a mass exodus.

Again, most is responsible due to Wade's tyrannical general management. Some may indicate Larry Bowa's coaching during this period had a part, but in my opinion, all these situations were solely mishandled by Wade's inept abilities! Sure, Bowa is another baseball hot-head, often extremely volatile, but he was and is a man of integrity, devotion, and passion for his sport. I have the utmost respect for him (Yup! Met 'im and have his autograph...before you ask!)

Anybody recall the whole Scott Rolen transaction? Or the JD Drew fiasco? These situations began waaaay before Larry was Phillies' manager, but did occur during Ed Wade's watch.

Anti-Christ, people. Say it with me. Ed Wade is the Anti-Christ!

Let me reiterate, there's no excuse for violence. None. What I'm just sayin' is I can totally see Wade pushing Chacón's buttons. However, Shawn shoulda exercised a measure of self-restraint needed. Baseball is considered a gentleman's game (it's "an old white man's sport" my Grandmother says. LOL). With any disciplinary situation in baseball, or any other sport really, you need to take it on the chin and suck it up.

My hope is Shawn Chacón's career ain't over. He doesn't need to be penalized for a mistake in judgment. Other players have done worse.

I'm NOT agreeing with his actions, but see there's two sides to every story, and remembering Ed Wade's behavior in Philadelphia, as I clearly do, Wade more than likely instigated the matter.

I hope the good and loyal fans of Houston aren't fooled by Wade. Look at Houston's current record. They're way under .500. Wade is stating the incident is an internal matter. OK, why the apparent cover-up? This needs to be investigated by officials of the MLB. Someone needs to discredit Wade! Ferret! You need to go back to Disney World's and see Mickey Mouse. He's complaining you've stolen his look!

No doubt, Chacon will be the villain for a long time.
Brother was wrong, yes, but those on the inside know the 'real' Ed Wade...Watch your backs Houston Astros!

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