Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pride & Brotherhood

As gay men, sometimes we're our own worst enemies. It takes a strong man to be homosexual and live his life proudly. I'm slowly headed in this direction.

Our lives are not easy, but can be lived and celebrated; respecting our spirit within. I'd like to think, God blessed us rather than cursed us. You might this strange given I often express my inability to reconcile faith and sexuality, but we are so much more than what we do in the bedroom. I do believe this.

No matter what the straight world's feelings concerning what gays do together in private, we have to give ourselves credit where credit is due. Our ability to praise, hope, embrace, and support can be exhilarating. Oh yes, we all know plenty negative bitchy gays out there. Some poor piss jaded individuals, but I'd like to think they're the exception to the rule than the norm.

Negative individuals can be found in every social group.

Perhaps I'm idealist? I admit it. I'm sentimental. Extremely so. With that said, since June is Pride month, I celebrate and praise our brotherhood. To my fellow gay bloggers out there on the WWW, I thank you. Your blogs not only share, but inspire and edify my soul.

Through the blogsphere, a process to unite is on the move. Blogs that make you rejoice, ponder, cry, cuss, laugh, and celebrate. It's all laid out before us to let's know the cause is just.

My personal walk has been a struggle some days, but in your giving, bloggers, I've learned I'm not alone. Each of you are priceless and helped me to see things from another perspective. All of you have to realize you're touching folks in ways you may ne'er know or recognize...

The abundance of kind words and support recently, in regards to painful events in my past, have been nothing but reassuring and empathetic. I'm touched. My spirit has been lifted. A kind word definitely goes a long way. Again, I give a heartfelt thank you. When I started blogging, I wasn't sure where this venture would lead. From this experience, though, I'm finding myself in the community and in a bond I never expected.

What does Gay Pride month mean to you?

On some occasions, to me, it's been just another ordinary month. Self-depreciation and negativity wouldn't allow the veil to be lifted. This year, not to be too corny, I celebrate myself. Celebrate whole heartily. I Rejoice! Not only in my sexuality, but my culture, heritage, spirit, and, on a larger scale, my humanity.

The stirrings of worthiness have begun. Celebrate indeed. We are a community, a fellowship, even if we don't always agree with one another.

As we all know, gay men can use our power and influence for good or evil. Today, I see only the good. We are truly blessed to know each other, if only through the Internet, to reflect upon ours words, our joys, our actions, our accomplishments, our laughs, and even our sorrow and tears. Wow! Moving isn't? Is this too sentimental? I think not.

Each us has a story to tell, and until recently, I always thought mine was insignificant. By embracing my past, not running from it, my spirit yields to a greater purpose. As Corey so eloquently stated "Isn't growth wonderful?"

True. All too true...


Queen Hester said...

Speak it, my gay husband, speak it!


Corey said...

Keep doing this! Keep writing this! You don't know how you are helping ME, TOO!!! And I so totally agree with you about this spate of reaching out and touching that gay black bloggers are doing. I'm feelin' it too, thank God! But you did ask what your readers thought of Gay Pride month? I am going to be truthful, and say that I cannot adequately answer this question. Cincinnati has a Pride celebration that will take place tomorrow, and Sunday. In fact, it will be held just right around the corner from where I now live. I plan to walk around & see what's happening in the community. In previous years, I have been quite reluctant to attend because of being outnumbered - this will primarily be a WHITE gay event, with little or no participation from black gays, as it usually is. Not only that, but the total attendance is almost always quite sparse, but this is Cincinnati (and not San Francisco). It's not D.C. either. There will be no seperate Black Pride to attend in addition to (or as an alternative to). Don't get me wrong, I'm not a segregationist. I would, however, like to have that brotha-connect of looking at/in faces that look like my own for a change. What I do know is that pride has to be internalized, believed and lived every day. I think I've got a pretty good handle on that, but I may be surprised this weekend. But I'm not going to hold my breath over it either. Thanks for the blogger brotha luv. Peace. C.


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