Friday, October 5, 2007

"The Last Of The Timelords"

All I have to say is "what a heinous piece of shit" the Doctor Who Season Three finale was!

I was very disappointed by how the three episode arc resolved itself with the return of the Master. And for why, for Torchwood's sake, did they reveal Captain Jack will become the Face of Bo? It sheds a dark light on Jack's future.

While I still like Doctor Who, I'll agree with my fellow Whovian geeks this new incarnation of the series seems to rush through things. Why kill off the Master??? He was the perfect foil for the Doctor. His own Moriarty! I read somewhere there are no intentions to bring the Master back either, but anyone who's ever watched the series know the Master has died, come back to life, died, come back to life, etc etc more times than Jean Grey (the Phoenix) from the X-Men! My only consolation is the implied reference there may be at least one more evil Timelord alive, The Rani (the red fingernail painted hand fishing the Master's ring out of the funeral pyre, the melodious female laughter, no doubt its her)!

I was also surprised Martha decided to stay behind and the Doctor, yet again, has to get another new companion to travel through time and space. The old series had the Doctor frequently change companions, but they all stayed more than a season or two, usually.

I read on the Sci-Fi Channel's message board the American broadcast of this episode was also heavily edited due to squeeze commercial sponsorship. Ugh! Just air the program unedited and extend the viewing time to include the necessary commercials. There's much about the new retooling of the series I don't like. With time (no pun intended), I hope the new series gets closer to its traditional roots. I understand the need to bring new appeal to 21st century audiences, but don't alienate old viewers or sacrifice quality by making the new series trite drivel!

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