Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WTF?!?! (3)

I caught this on Rod Online today. Supposedly Barack Obama and Vice President Dick Cheney are related???? The two are eighth cousins once removed! Yeah er'rybody is related to er'rybody. Like most people of color, shake our family trees hard enough and more than a handful of white folks come tumblin' down.

The fact Obama has Caucasian ancestry doesn't surprise me, what does is that it comes in the form of Dick Cheney. Shit! Why not just be related to Charles Mason!?!?

In other related politic concerns, I got an email my friend Calvin with a web link to measure which presidential candidate views most closely resemble my own. I finally got around to taking it this afternoon. The quiz is simple and fast.

Up until now I've been throwing my support toward Barack campaign, and, to a lesser extent, to Hillary Clinton's (I've actually met Hillary when she was still First Lady. She's actually a pleasant woman. I suspect people hate her because she not afraid to speak her mind or kowtow and conform to the good ole boy network's rules on how a proper woman should be. Hmph)! . My results indicated, however, John Edwards should be my political choice. Hm. Interesting.

Edwards has flown under my radar. Other than his wife's struggle with her cancer, I must admit
I never paid much attention to his viewpoint. I did a quick comparison and his views are very similar to mine, much more than either Barack or Hillary. He and Barack are the better looking of all the candidates (sorry it had to be said). Lord knows we could stand for some eye candy in the White House! Joking! The presidential race is not about looks. Its about the issues that will improve this country and help with our standing in the World. King George has done so much to ruin our reputation with other nations; Anti-American sentiment is at an all time high.

Standing on the issues, I need the person with a definite timetable to get the US the Hell out of Iraq, deal with the immigration controversy, bring about better health care, put money back into Americans' pockets, and keep equality for all Americans, gay, straight, or otherwise. All these will be daunting tasks, but is there currently someone in the running who can do this? I hope so. No matter what others may say about Bill Clinton, he was an excellent president. Despite what he did with his penis (and every man elected has fooled around in some capacity while in the Oval Office, lets not be naive think Billy-Boy was the first), the Clinton Administration turned things around from the Reagan-Bush era (I won't touch that subject).

Suffice whoever your views resemble, choose your candidate who closely reflects your views. Pay attention to the issues. Take the quiz. To get to the link, click the picture below:

Its a simple quiz, about 10-11 questions on various current hot topics and take about five minutes. At the end it will rank all the current presidential hopefuls and where you both agree/disagree on political issues and stances.

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