Sunday, October 14, 2007

Need a Chef Fix

So yesterday I finally brought myself to watching the Top Chef finale and Reunion show. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not sure I agree with the judges Hung's food was the best, but then again, I wasn't there to eat it.

The finale episode reinforced I would never want to participate in a such a contest. It's too pretentious. That's not who I am. Fine dining is great and all, but I'm a home-style boy. My culinary idol is Sylvia Wood's, owner of Sylvia's in Harlem (an excellent eatery. I've been there several times)! Or even Paula Dean. That woman could fry gizzards in lard and I would eat it!

No, Top Chef called for my unconditional surrender and axed my dreams. My food comes from the heart, not some bourgeois sense of what food is supposed to be. I cook what I like. If I have to sacrifice my heart to become arrogant and so "cultured," I rather abandon the dream. Plus all my friends have downed the idea and been most unsupportive. I dunno, life for me seems slated to be just ordinary. Nothing wrong with that. We're not all destined for Top Chef. Some dreams are just that, dreams. Right?

Dale seemed so subdued on the Reunion show, not himself. He seemed disappointed in himself, but as all the judges noted, he made vast improvements as the season progressed. He overcame adversity in the last year and rose to the challenge. Kudos Dale!

OK, I've grown to like Dale. He's comical and seems genuine. I take back my previous comments about avoiding him, he'd probably be the life at any party! I found the link to his MySpace page and sent a request to be one of his friends. If you're curious about Mr. Levitski, here's the link: Dale's MySpace Profile.

Amusingly enough, I'm miss this season already. Padma has been on my mind lately. She fascinates me in way I can't explain. Besides the fact she gorgeous, there's definitely an air about her I can't put my finger on. I did some browsing and discovered some rousing pictures, including a nude photo. I'm not sure if it's really her or photoshopped, but damn, she's got a great body.

Supposedly Hung and Brian are bisexual, but that's conjecture. Notice Marcel Vigneron give Hung thay huge hug after he was announced Top Chef? Er'rybody knows Marcel's tastes sexually (allegedly). Maybe he and Hung are seeing each other? Perhaps.

I still don't like either Marcel or Hung. Hung was shocked by his portrayal this season, explaining it was only a competition, and he's a down to earth guy. Yeah, uh-huh, sure. While I was glad he didn't win fan favorite, a point Chef Tom seemed eager to make, I was disappointed Dale didn't win it either. At least Casey won it. I liked her second best.

So my only fix of Top Chef will be reruns and if Dale adds me as a friend on MySpace for a while. Season four should start filming soon enough. Project Runway will start next month, which means another reality show to get into. Oh the monotony of it all!!! LOL.

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