Thursday, October 18, 2007

Request Fulfilled: Naked (Almost) Thunder

No words I could ever compose would give these men justice!

100% masculine. 100% aesthetically pleasing to the eye, at least in my humble opinion. Mmm. Do they make you tremble? Do they make wonder and awe the Creator's handiwork?

A nearly naked man is a beautiful site indeed! My own imagination is running away all the potential things I'd love to...
Ahem. Some thoughts are best kept to oneself. Lest I embarrass myself, I'll discontinue. LOL.

So. Is there nothing more exotic than sheer masculinity? Just a subtle hint sometimes is more erotic than full frontal. Yeah, I know what you're thinking? Perhaps, but you should answer that question for yourself.

Now I'm coming round to posting this soon, but I'm curious what people's taste are? In men? In women? What turns you on? Who turns you on? When I'm done with my photo essays for the day, I'll publish a recent survey I took amongst friends about race and attractiveness. The answers might surprise you. They might not.

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