Monday, October 1, 2007

October: Post Season Sexy

OK, Breaking away from my stance on appreciating baseball for the sheer aspect of the sport, I decided to post of few pictures of the Boys of Summer to usher in the month of October.

Wow! I can't believe it's October already. 2007 has done its thing and is ready to roll on outta here! Soon Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Holiday Season will be here! Whoa boys! Too Soon! Too Soon! I'm not ready to put away my sandals and shorts yet! I'm still not back to work, so thinking about Christmas-Kwanzaa shopping is too stressful to contemplate. Ack! No, no, no. I want summer back, LOL. No more tirades, kiddo. Face facts and own up to it. October is here!

Since October is the baseball post-season playtime, I decided to post tongue and cheek, if not ballsy, photos. Ah yes. Baseball is passionate alright. My favorite pix is former Seattle Mariner Jay Buhner grabbing those asses. Oh get over y'rself! I'm not all hot and bothered. It's more amusing than sexy, right? Well maybe a little sexy....(insert devious chuckle here)

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