Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"I'm Going Home...."

"Popularity breeds contempt..."
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?"
Culture Club, circa 1982

So There you have it folks. The first contestant voted out of the the top twelve is Brandon Rogers. I wasn't surprised the bottom four contestants were Brandon, Phil, Haley, and Sanjaya. Well, I was a little surprised Phil was in the bottom three. It should've been Brandon, Haley, and Sanjaya. If it were a fair contest Sanjaya or Haley would've heard Daughtry's song "I'm Going Home," but we all know American Idol's voting system has major flaws. It's a popularity contest, thus my quote at the beginning of this blog.

Overall, I'm not impressed so far with this season of Idol. Even Diana Ross' performance seemed a bit "pitchy" and off key at times. I could've sworn I saw Simon groan and make a face at La Ross' singing. And by-the-by, who told her to wear that too-tight fitting outfit??? She's slim, but her hips and "padunkadunk" were extremely noticeable. For an aging diva though, she still commands stage presence.

Poor Sanjaya. He knows he should be the one packing his bags, but young teenage girls' (and boys' I suspect) across the land votes are keeping him on air. Lord, please don't let this be a repeat of seasons past underdog contestants John Stevens and Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais! Someone please put Sanjaya out of his "Idol" misery SOON! It's embarrassing watching the poor kid suffer.

A part of me feels for Sanjaya though. The boy is really trying the best he can, but he is way out of his league. I won't touch upon his apparent sexual preference either (not that it matters,though some of my female coworkers think he's such shy young man, he couldn't possibly be gay. He's just awkward. Awkward teenage boy stage my ass!!! He's GAY! Whoops, sorry. Wasn't going down that avenue... ) This one observation though, tonight Sanjaya had a hungry, longing look in his eyes like he wanted to hug and kiss all over Phil and Brandon tonight! I feel ya, Sanjaya. I want to hug and kiss Brandon too! (Damn, no more black men on the show!)

I was talking to Napoleon's mum last night and she clued me into a website encouraging votes for the worst candidate each week on Idol. I'm including a link for you to check it out. The group running the site is called the "Worsters" and found at

I almost want to start voting for Sanjaya each week just to make AI revamp their voting system. I mean, wouldn't that be a trip if the worst contestant on the show ended up as the next American Idol??? AI would lose all credibility....

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Lady Miss T said...

Go Chris R., Blake and Lakeisha!!!!!


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