Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gay Man Quiz

The Gay Man's Survey

1. What is the first thing you notice about the same sex?
The overall appearance first, then I focus in on his eyes. The eyes always have story to tell.

2. Which male celebrity would you want as a love slave?
I'm not sure, there are too many to choose from.

3. Gift card winner at work!...which store do you reach for?
Kohl's, Target, Wal-mart, or Borders...any of those would do me good.

4. Admit it, are you a size queen?
I'm not. I don't really care, just as long as it's visible. It's what he does with it that is important. If the guy has an overall "pow" body, he can make up for any shortcomings. Sometimes short is a good thing.

5. What store do you base your fashion sense on?
I have my own style. I'm not into trendy shopping, I dress for what is comfortable.

6. If you could improve gay pride, what would you improve?

7. Have you marched in a gay pride parade?

8. Honestly, how many times do you go to the gym?
I need to start going on a regular basis.

9. Honestly, how many nights do you go out with the boys?
I haven't gone out in a while. I need to jump start my social activities again.

10. How long was your last relationship?
My last relationship that wasn't a "few days" stand? Hmm. Probably three months.

11. What would you do the moment gay marriage is approved by voters?
If it ever happens, which it won't because gay people are still considered second-class citizens, I'd go out and celebrate.

13. Where would you want to have your gay wedding?
At the beach.

14. Who do you want to be there?
My closest friends. Unfortunately I'm not out to my family yet. Perhaps this will be the year.

15. What kind of food/ who would cater your gay wedding ?
Possibly Sylvia Woods, Paula Dean or Ina Garten to cater the event. I'd love Paula's or Sylvia's southern cuisine.

16. Who is your diva?
Hmm...lately I'd have to say Jennifer Hudson. I used to love Mariah until she got too ghetto fabulous, LOL!

17. Which type of gay man do you avoid?
Self-centered liars and arrogant pretty boys.

18. What qualities do you look for in a man?
Someone who can make me laugh, support me when I cry, and knows how to enjoy himself.
Looks-wise, he doesn't have to be perfect or meet the world's standard of beauty, just be damned sexy in my eyes.

19. What exotic gay locale would you travel to?
I'm not into going to "exclusively gay" places, but I like to go to gay friendly areas. I really would like to visit Paris though. I'm not sure how exotic that is.

20. What song are you tired of hearing?
Anything by KT Tungstall.

21. Which club/bar in your gay neighborhood do you wish would just close down because its so tired?
All the bars/clubs in Central PA are in need of a jump start, but there all we have so I won't complain.

22. Admit it, have you gone thru a vegetarian/vegan phase?
No, I'm sorry but I go through hamburger withdraw so bad people swear I'm a junkie.

23. Which restaurant/type of restaurant would you take a date?
Sushi or Thai. Perhaps even seafood. There are a few places I have in mind for a nice romantic date like Alfred's Victorian in Middletown, Al Mediterraneo in Hummelstown, or Trattoria Fratelli in Lebanon, none of which serve sushi or Thai. I guess the Blue Pacific in Lancaster would be good for sushi.

24. How much can you bench?

25. What one part of the male anatomy always get your attention?
His ass, his lips, his arms...and yes, the package!

26. Whole Foods or Bristol Farms??
What's the difference?

27. Do you donate clothes you don't use anymore?
Yeah, I do.

28. What do you think of Paris Hilton's new singing career?
She's fly by night...what happened to her single? That was a few months ago.

29. Did you know Godiva Chocolates contain preservatives?
Who cares? It tastes good and most foods contain preservatives anymore.

30. What would you rather watch, hot boys laying out, hot boys playing volleyball or hot boys washing cars?
Hot boys playing volleyball. I've seen the guy's at Triangle washing cars and none of them are hot.

31. Do you go return to work late from your 10 minute break?
First of all, if I get a break, you better damn believe I better have my leash back on at 9 minutes and 59 seconds....lateness will not be tolerated and the watch dog will be on the hunt for anyone who's 1 second late dammit!

32. Where do you want to have your dream house?
More and more, I'm thinking in Phoenix or possibly a beach front property in New Jersey, Cape May, possibly?

33. Whats your favorite cologne?
Calvin Klein One Summer.

34. Whats your favorite cologne on him?
I don't care as long as he smells good.

35. Have you worn red to a gay day at an amusement park?

36. What are your favorite TV shows?
Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica. All my other shows are now in syndication or cancelled: Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Noah's Arc.

37. Admit it, which TV DVD collection do you own?
None, but see the answers for question 36 for the ones I want.

39. Admit it, did you ever have a sugar daddy?
Searching for one currently, LOL. No never.

40. What is the drink you always order at the club/bar?
I usually get beer because it's cheap. "Mr Napoleon" and I, when he pays, do snakebites and lemon drops. About twenty in a row!

41. Finish the sentence...when I go to a house party, I avoid....
looking anyone in the eye, I'm pretty shy.

42. What embarrassing moment are you constantly reminded of?
oh god, there is a song I sang for my high school baccalaureate I'll hear every now and again on the muzak station that sends shivers up my spine...ugh I was so nervous and rushed through the song. It still brings back horrible memories 20 years later.

43. What does your last text message say?
"Cramps. stayed home today."

44. Admit it, which fast food restaurant lures you each and every time?
When I'm Uptown (Midtown?), Popeye's Chicken.

45. Your date just scored tickets...which singer/performer do you hope they are?
Jill Scott, Lenny Kravitz, or John Legend.

46. Admit it, do you lie about your age?
No, in fact, I remind people of it all too often.

47. What is your favorite sex position?
Would you really want to know? I didn't think so...

48. What movie, in theatres right now, would you take a date?

49. What movie, in theatres now, would you NOT take a date?
I don't know. What other movies are out there?

50. You're the tour guide...where would you take an out-of-towner who is unfamiliar with your
Depends on the tourist and time of year. There's absolutely nothing to do of interest in Central Pa that is worthwhile for gay men. I'd probably do the two hour drive back home and show 'em Philly instead. For anyone else, the Project at Middlecreek, Gettysburg Battlefield, the Pinnacle in Holtzwood, Riverfront park downtown, Fort Hunter Uptown, City Island, the State Museum, or Hershey Park for anyone else during the spring and summer.



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