Sunday, March 25, 2007

Battlestar Galactica Season Finale

I'll admit it, I cheated. Last week I was able to find a spoiler blog that gave away the results to tonight's episode. I was not shocked or surprised by the season finale, only a little disappointed. I'm not disappointed by the fact I caught wind of details before the airing, contrarily, I'm disappointed in the writing of the episode. The spoiler site was dead on. OK, so they reveal four of the final five Cylons to be Chief Tyrol, Colonel Tigh, Tory, and Anders, but only one makes sense being a Cylon, which to me is Colonel Tigh. And what about the fifth Cylon? Is it Baltar? Is it President Rosalyn (probably couldn't be her because she's diagnosed with breast cancer. Can a Cylon develop cancer?) How the frak (using the lexicon from the show) did Chief Galen Tyrol have a child if he was a Cylon? Plus he has vivid memories of his parents? Anders, who was rescued by Starbuck from Caprica, was not event among the refugees from the Cylon attack.

I'm also waiting for an explanation why the Caprica Six Cylon sees Baltar's illusionary version like Baltar sees hers. Baltar has some deeper connection to the Cylon process than the show's writers are letting on. And Starbuck found Earth. OK, that's fine. Even the original series eventually made it to Earth (anyone remember the hideous Galactica 1980?) What happens once the fleet reaches Earth? What'll happen to the Cylons? Last question is what was with that pan out at the end of the show before the credits. I know the very last scene was Earth, but was the show trying to hint at the whole gods/God concept? The Colonials believe in a pan-theistic system, whereas the Cylons believe in the one true God. Too much religious conjecture! Next season will have to do some heavy duty explaining.

Sorry for my science-fiction geek moment, but Battlestar Galactica is one of the few television shows I take time to watch and enjoy. I limit myself to tepid forms of visual entertainment and I'm sick of reality TV (with the exception to American Idol). Galactica feeds my inner futuristic child. If anyone is a regular viewer of BSG, please email me or leave a comment on what you thought of tonight's episode.

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