Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol: The Top 11

I wasn't surprised Stephanie was voted off American Idol tonight. I'd actually made the prediction today at work that she'd be the one going home. Here is my reasoning. Lakeisha and Melinda are two of the strongest contestants right now. I would think Idol would sway the vote at this point in the competition if either them entered in the bottom two. Jordin is actually a decent singer, so she must have commanded enough votes.

Sanjaya, Phil, Gina, Blake, and Chris have a large fan base. I'm sure their fans were out en mass to make sure they stayed in the game. Chris has the "religious right" fan base on his side. Haley had the "hoochie" factor on her side this week, therefore Stephanie had to be one exiting the show. I'm disgusted with the show, but it is a popularity contest until the very end so I'll keep watching. I'm annoyed because Stephanie showed promise. Sure she fucked up that song last night, which is one of my favorite songs, but she didn't deserve to go home.

And please, why, oh why, won't they stop showing that annoying little girl crying all over the place?!?! Enough Already!

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