Monday, March 26, 2007

Your Body, Myself Discovery

Since coming to terms with self-acceptance as being a Same Gender Loving Black man, I'm catching up for lost time devouring any and every image of svelte sexuality of the male of color. The process is good for me because it helps to keep my self-esteem on track. I still have many journeys to travel, but I believe my footing is in the right place for now.

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While this blog is not really intended to show adult content, I can't guarantee that an occasional image of male nudity won't appear. Be advised that this blog is intended to be read by people with an open mind. I don't claim any rights to the images nor do I have any knowledge of the sexuality of persons featured (unless they are openly gay...duh). Enjoy yourself and take a small step in my every day life and pondering... Feel free to email any comments or opinions.

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