Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Not Sanjaya: American Idol: Top 10 Results

Another contestant bites the dust. And so Chris Bligh goes home tonight.

I'm not surprised nor disappointed. Something about Chris bothered me. It wasn't his weight or the hair (although dude seriously needs a new 'do). No, none of those issues bugged me. Perhaps it was his family background or his ultra conservative religious beliefs. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Christianity or Christian values, but he had the definite makings of a "Bible Banger" and I read somewhere his hometown was disappointed because he wasn't singing more Christian tunes.

OK, let me get this straight? You're disappointed because he goes on a show named American Idol and he's singing contemporary popular music? The show is based on the British television show called Pop Idol (just about every country has some version of Idol, so American Idol is not unique.) What did they think he was going to do? Sing Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, or Sandi Patti songs all season long???

Overall, singing this week was mild, bland, and at best, boring. Why they liked Jordin's attempt, I'll never know. Even Melinda was not at her game, although Keisha kicked ass. She was workin' them boots. Go Keisa! My favorite performance was Gina by far. Tonight's show was more promising. Loved Gwen Stefani and Akon's performance, perhaps due to them being in the business longer. If Gwen's tour comes to the Giant Center, Bryce Jordan Center, or even to the Wachovia Center, I'm considering purchasing tickets. I know Miss T or Leeser would go with me. Up for a road trip ladies???

Did Ryan give something away about the vote before the one commercial break?

"Haley, you need to stand here for just another moment...."

Hmmm. I caught that. I have to admit I'm starting to like Haley, she's just not the best performer. With one exception, the people in the bottom three belonged there. I'm satisfied Chris and Haley were, but come on now. Please, why, oh why is Sanjaya hanging on?

In the local paper a little feature scribed on last week's ousted contestant Stephanie Edwards and the hubbub over her exiting and not Sanjaya. To sum up, while Stephanie didn't deserve early departure, it says she would've eventually. She's a good singer, but has a "Beyonce" feel to her tunes. I'm not sure if I agree or not.

On Yahoo News, a blurb discussed Sanjaya's following and reasons why he's still around. Sanjaya's choir director and family have more credibility in him than most. The choir director identified how he's has better potential and hasn't tapped into his true talent. Supposedly, his "heart" isn't on stage at moment. Could it be Sanjaya has the potential to be a better crooner? Amongst his current peers, I don't think so. He's no match.

The boy has balls, I'll give him that much credit. His "faux-hawk" was over the top and for him to stand up there each week, rendering weak renditions of songs, takes chutzpah! Still, he's just a 17 year boy. There's an innocence about him (that's a little odd, but we all had that phase, didn't we? Us, meaning all the little 'mo men running around). Given time he could be a fierce (pronounced "FEARS!" very over emphasized) competitor with hard work and dedication. He already has the stage presence. Unlike past underdogs, don't think after the season is over we've heard the last from Sanjaya.

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