Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Quirky Quirky


So I learn well and the foot of Lady Miss T to abhor the use of public restrooms; sometimes though its unavoidable. Today I had to use the restroom at work and I was immediately grossed out. It smelled like major ass and I was nauseated from the moment I used the door. Unfortunately I had no choice and had to make a quick stop before I had an accident.

I was never one to keep up with science when I was in school, but I'm grateful something I learned actually paid off. Most noxious odors from restrooms are a form of methane gas and fortunately, being a smoker, I always have a lighter or matches in my pocket. As I went into the stall, I took a moment to fish out a pack of matches from my pocket and light a few over the commode to burn off some the last person's stench. While it didn't completely get rid of all the unpleasant smell, it made it bearable to use the facility until I could break free.

Today's post is dedicated to the person who taught me that trick!

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