Friday, March 23, 2007

Scuttlebutt and Hurdles

The exhilaration of Friday comes to those who are patient enough to wait. Unfortunately by time I can personally savor and digest Fridays, it usually is Sunday evening and it's time to prep to start the whole damn process all over again.

It's been a hellacious week and I'm reaching the end of my patience with my job. It's the same monotony day after day and more often I question myself "Is this what I went to college for, to be a phone jockey?" I used to love my job until the Powers that Be decided to ship us off to the shores of a for-profit empire that could careless about providing service, only accumulating more paper. Yours truly is frustrated and stuck in a rut. I want to exceed in my career choice, but the work has become a tedious nightmare of repetition and shallow ignorance from the population I attempt to serve.

Rant, rant, rant. Working has become an exercise of self-degradation! All day long I listen to people who've elected political officials that put them into the predicament they're trying to escape, complaining about the lack of services for the common person. Ah, there's something to be said about most people. Have we become a society that mindlessly, like sheep, follows shepherds of the mogul-owned media and Washington politicos without questioning the facts? Does anyone give thought their plight is perhaps a creation of their own making??? The Conservatives are brainwashing people to believe propaganda. The so-called mentors are teaching lies. Somewhere in the process, the system has failed all of us.

For myself, I'm in the process of enlightenment, seeking my escape from cubical Hell. I need to separate myself from my current vocational lease and obtain better employment, serving the public at hand without expecting reparation, without profiting from the masses to fill and line pockets with undeserved wealth. Retooling my resume, I plan to expedite my search in the coming weeks. What's difficult is I don't know what I want to do. I'd like an employer that offers good benefits. I don't mind paying for my health insurance as long as the benefits are useful and don't leave me in debt for services it will not provide. Perhaps in my next vocational opportunity, I'll have one that values its employees and not expect my life to placed at risk for a "dirty quarter" in the guise of helping the community.

Perhaps the next employer will know "all purpose leave" is not an adequate form of compensation. They'll offer both sick vacation and sick paid time off. Use of it will not require going through a daunting task of scheduling months in advance for a sick leave day. Perchance, fortunate will bless me to work for a service competent in knowledge of human bodily functions and'll grant dispensation to use the toilet when I have to take a piss! A good employer knows a good employee is a happy employee. No more mind tolling eight hours, dealing with 2300 complaints an hour. Human services and quotas are an oxymoron.

Through it all, though, I'm grateful I have a job. I am. Mentally, my spirit requires respite and a mental health month, forget about a mental health day. Yes, it's a a sign o' the times, but eventually something good is produced from every negative situation. View it as not crushing the masses under the corporate boot heel in order to earn a penny. Therein, the future always, always, has to hold promise or else why go on?


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