Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seduction, Relations, & The Magnificent Dream

Good googly moogly!?!?! When the Hell did Pennsylvania become Seattle? The entire month thus far has been rain, rain, and more rain. I'm grateful for it, but dang... Can get a couple days of God's light from above? LOL.

Fortunately, I've been attempting to create my own sunshine. Been hollarin' at a guy for a lil bit now. Each time we talk, I become more interested. Unfortunately, I'm not reading him well just yet. He might be interested??? Not entirely sure; never been one to pick on subtle cues and gestures. The whole mating dance ritual makes me stumble and fumble. If you think my gay Spidey sense is bad, my pickin' up on peeps feelin' on me is worse. Sometimes you gotta hit me over the head and say, "Ian, I like you. Do you like me?" I'm so naive. So juvenile! Like I say constantly folks, I really do make a bad homo! LOL. When y'all gonna hand me the pink slip?

Never fear though. After a while, I do buy a clue. Hehehe. And to be sure (my catch phrase) this guy has me thinking about possibilities. Mr. X is cute, honestly sexy, closer to my age then my previous fella, he makes me think, and laugh. Not to put the apple cart before the horse, but I'm reminded of my Someone To Do You Right post over on MALE. While I don't know him all like that yet, what I do know is he intrigues me. He gives me pause. Mr. X is funny, has a delicious inviting smile, intelligent, and upwardly mobile. He can be a lil quiet and reserved, but he has a head on his shoulders. Did I mention he's cute?

Chile, I ain't got no damn time to "catch the vapors," as Toddy would say, but huh! I'm really feelin' this brother somethin' good. And I really need someone stable who gets me. Somebody who edifies and accentuates, not detracts. Somebody who can challenge me when I get in my snits. Encourage me when I am doubtful. Celebrate when I am triumphant. Isn't that we all want? Please Lord, I'm searching. Don' need no more drama! I'm not asking for forever (although that would be nice) yet I don't need anymore half-assed, trifflin, half hour workers on my 9-5 clock.

N-t-way....since I got in trouble for my morning message yesterday, decided not to use my words for the morning inspiration. Here's a reposted email I received from Jared (with his incredibly phine self! Now talk about cute, hmph!) today entitled Magnificent Dreams:

"What a shame it would be for your best dreams to go to waste. Do the work to make them real and you'll find great fulfillment along the way. Those things you love with all your heart are the most valuable things you have to offer. Truly make the world a more beautiful place by bringing your innermost desires to life. Even the smallest acts have great power when they are sincere. When your efforts come directly from who you truly are, they always make a difference. The world is filled with noise and confusion. But it does not ever have to distract you from what means the most to you. Again and again, connect with those real and lasting values. When times are good, and when times are tough, they will always serve you well. Your life is a beautiful and precious thing. Live the beauty, live the value, and live the substance of your most magnificent dreams."
-- Ralph Marston


thegayte-keeper said...

I will help you with your homo spidey senses Ian...

bobbymo51 said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, Ian: We gay guys are usually years behind on our dating skills, because we didn't start practising till much later than straight peeps.
Just think of it ALL as practise and you'll be fine.
ALSO - pray a lot, to keep yourself centered and in the moment!


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