Thursday, June 25, 2009

Late Night With Kyle

Will somebody tell me why in the good, gracious, Lord's name I was up last night watching Kyle Washington from this season's College Hill on U Stream??? LOL.

Not that I wasn't thoroughly entertained or anything, because I was, but please...I'm almost 40! How juvenile.

Now to be sure folks, Kyle is a mess! But he's a good mess. I didn't watch College Hill this season (it's last so says former CH alum Ray Cunningham) but everybody is aware of Kyle and his antics. But I found kid to be down to Earth and just like the rest of us.

Most fun was listening to him yelling at his boy Maurice to go to bed cause the kid had college orientation this morning. Or perhaps the back and forth banter with other U Streamers. There was some Miami Dolphins' football player I never heard of and some other 18 year straight boy going back in forth with Kyle. Or him watching X-Tube videos.

The whole damn thing had me howling with laughter. Lord, I said it already, I'm too old for this. Hell I can barely keep up with tweeting and maintaining my Facebook page. LMAO. What's sad is I'll probably tune in again, albeit, not all night like last night/this morning.

I'm tired as hell and in the real world, most folks have a jobby job. But since I didn't have shit-else to do, I watched from the wee hours of the morning until 6:30 AM, when Kyle signed off...

Been up ever since. No rest for the weary though. Got things to do, places to see. So lemme get of this laptop.... ***yawn***

What's a cat to do?

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