Monday, June 8, 2009

I Bit Into The Apple...

Earlier I spoke of the serpent in the garden.

Well temptation offered me a bite of his apple and I admit, I took a nibble. No comments on what I'd like to do with Mr. Serpent....he has piqued my interest... but gonna save that story for a more appropriate (translation: lusty) time. Probably by tonight when I'm sitting here in the dark, alone, and horny as hell...hehehe.

But I got an email asking we what went down with A since I hadn't discussed it on the blog. Simple, our time apart provided more than just physical space. Returning home, I realized there was too much indecision in my own heart to invest in anything, so we split up. Still friends, and I mean just that, friends. No friends with benefits, just friends.

In A's defense, he's got bridges to cross. I made the venture over some of my own when I was home, now it's his turn. He'll need a good friend to turn to for support when all the drama hits the fan, and I wanna be that person. That pretty much sums up the story. Nothing dramatic. Lord know my name isn't Kendall, although I wish I had some of his problems, but what's a fat bitch like me gonna do?!?! LOL.

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