Friday, June 26, 2009

Day II Wit' Kyle

Lord, lord, lord! What am I doing to myself today? I'm on a emotional high today am three cents short of loopy. I was up late last night watching Kyle's U Stream and laughing at his antics. Yeah, I'm probably too old to be on watchin' these 20-somethings at night, but its classic fun right up my alley. I didn't watch College Hill this season, so I had no preconceived notions about Kyle Washington. I think brutha is just a regular guy, out to make it in this crazy ass world like er'rybody else. Don't hate on him.

And what is up with people on U Stream taking their clothes off?!?! Kyle almost had a few straight fellas drop their drawers until someone ratted out that there were gay men in the chat. I'm no snitch. I just sit there and watch, and where Kyle tell us to go, I go...

"A yo! Follow me. Follow me! Make me a celebrity!" If you watched last night you know I'm not talkin' about Kyle neither! It was just mad crazy. I got better once Kyle calmed down over his old-head stalker. That period was dry. Seems though the real fun starts after 3:00 AM. But you gotta be able to hang in there. It will be an all night affair. Don't worry, Kyle takes plenty "commercial" breaks.

If you have nothing to do during the wee hours, especially if you came home, alone and drunk, hop on to Kyle's U Stream Show. It'll make your day...

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Ray Avito said...

U Stream? I'd never heard of that until now...I'll have to investigate.


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