Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot Summer Night

I watched Kyle again tonight, but he got boring when he had his old stalker and I couldn't hang.

But it's hot as fuck and I'm typing this shit it the dark. Just finished reading a post on Pi's blog that made me even more horny than I was earlier...fighting down them urges earlier, but it hot and sticky. I won't get into my lengthy chat with another Blogger, cause yall would either start being embarrassed or knocking at my door! Huh! And my brothers in bloggers, Pharaoh and Thaddeus Works ain't did nothing but stoke the flames with their blog posts.

I am NOT commenting on either post. Nope. Keeping my innocent image intact. But Lawdhavmercy, but does the expression, "Turn a nigga out" mean anything to you? Yeah it's one of them nights fo sho..

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Wonder Man said...

lust is a powerful thing


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