Sunday, June 7, 2009

wrap up

Greetings my cohorts in blogging. I certainly hope your weekend was a pleasant one. Finally, God sent some sunshine down our way, and I know I tried to, bask in every inch of sunbeams sent to Mother Earth. Course, now you know the weather forecast is predicting rain again for the work week. Ugh!

I'm attempting to fend off the Sunday Night Blues, but not fairing too well. I think it's cause I'm lonely tonight. Uh-huh. Maybe I should have rethought my position last week before I said goodbye to home slice. No, I did the right thing because I'm really no good in any type of long term commitment until I get my own house in order. My head is not where I want it to be, body is not where it needs to be. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. My life's story.

But true love will come around. This weekend I had the opportunity to see the Creator's hand at work and that's always a blessing. I know He's got something good up my way, just need to keep on being patient. But throw a brother a soda cracker in the interim. I'm lonely. I mean LONELY! The kind of lonely that gets folks into to trouble.

Ladwhavmercy! I'm going to bed with a good book, G'night peeps...


D-Place said...

I think this is wehre the saying ..patience is a virtue comes into play. sigh is difficult!!

Sozo's said...

Yes Lawd!!


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