Monday, June 29, 2009


I have decided, as I wrote last night, to delete my Twitter and IM. I'm in no rush to do this, but I'm old, have very few people hitting me up on those media outlets, so what's the point. Felt like an ass last night. But it's all good. Just goes to show I need to stick with what I know. Which isn't much, but the things I do best, I will fortify.

As far as Facebook, but I've decided to let people hit me up from now on. And no more "what's on your mind" updates. As if anybody give a crap about what I'm thinking. Probably will delete two of the blogs by weeks end, much to the chagrin of folks. It saddens me, but I think they've their course, so I will throw my energy behind M.A.L.E. and my creative team there.

I'm looking for good writers too. If you're blogger, and would like your voice to be heard, please contract me. There's going to be a few writers leaving us on M.A.L.E. soon, so I need people who are willing to contribute as frequently as they can to express thoughts on the male state of being, whether through politics, entertainment, gay and lesbian issues, whatever...

Lemme know.


JNez said...

what's this about? i hope you've reconsidered.

Sozo's said...

Ian, what is up with this crap? You and I just had a conversation about this...this is not even cool. I do hope you'll rethinking this.

Cocoa Rican said...

Pa...I don't know what's going on, so I'll reiterate what I've said before...

1. I read all your shit...period.
2. I love all your shit...period.
3. I continue to support all your shit...period.

That said, I had a post not long ago about how difficult it is to find a communication medium (tool) that works best...for me, it's Facebook...the folks are in my age group, with the same interests and it requires a time investment I can live with. Twitter was too fast paced and required too much hand-holding. I said it in that post...NO ONE CAN COMMUNICATE THAT OFTEN AND UPDATE FOLKS THAT OFTEN AND HAVE A LIFE.

Your public is here...we love you and you shouldn't allow the participation of folks to influence your as a writer and creative it for you and the rest (of folks) will follow :)

ToddyEnglish said...

Boo, blog for yourself. Don't do it for anyone else. The audience will follow.
When I first started I just wrote from my heart all the time...people came.
Don't destroy your blogs. I read The Axe all the time!

Ray Avito said...

IM I've never used because I've always thought it was too much like talking on the phone...

**I'm sure we've all wanted to strangle BET at one point or another...HAAAA! I don't currently have cable, so I missed the anti-festivities.**

Venting is all part of expressing yourself. You have a talent for self expression, so I would expect venting when you're about to bubble over.

Ian (Darktomahawk) said...

Thank you my friends, my brothers friends, for your concern. I will do a follow up within the next 24 hours.

Jnez- Yes. I'm not deleting anything for now. I need those networks to stay established. You and I need to stay properly on target. I learn through your insight. So, yes, they are staying on Twitter, blogs, and FB.

Sozo- We talked about it. Thanks for such sound wisdom.

Cocoa- Leave it to you to always, always, ALWAYS reign my black ass in! And I love it, LOL. You are tops man! What you say is true....I don't how any the Twitter folks have lives? Sheesh.

Now, I'm hoping I get an invite to your nuptials to give you a big hug and thanks. Plus I give EXCELLENT wedding gifts, LOL.

Toddy- Like Cocoa, you always have perspective and spin that keeps the positive vibe flowing. I don't know you do especially after all the shiggety life has put you through. But your my inspiration too Kid. Feel like I didn't emphasize that point yesterday enough. Thank you my great and wonderful friend.

Ray-Ray. When the hell did we become so ghetto trash though? BET was just horrible yesterday. I wish I could learn an ounce of your charisma and moxxy because I get self-conscious and insecure with my work.

ALL Y'ALL- There's gonna be a blogger meet up next year that Thaddeus, Gayte-Keeper, and I are planning. More details to come. And I praying you all come. Thanks for the mad love. Know it is much appreciated. Now and always....

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro, I hope you've calmed down and reconsidered. Surely there must be something going on with can't just be that people don't respond to your tweets. I didn't see BET so I don't know about that, but whatever ails you, hope you'll recover from it soon.




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