Friday, June 19, 2009

Time To Say Goodbye.

I totally humiliated myself a few minutes ago and feel like crawling up into a whole and dying of embarrassment. Crashed and burn does not begin to describe my shame...


Ray Avito said...

Ian, this may or may not help, but I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. I am continuously thinking I've made a fool of myself, but it's generally all in my head.

Unless you really did humiliate yourself, in which case you can move next door to me in It's-A-Dirty-Shameville. *chuckles*

David Dust said...

Darling Ian,

There's always room with me in CrazyDumbShitTown. We are very accepting - even if you're not a full-blow Crazy Dumb Shit. :)

Tomorrow it won't seem nearly as bad ... I promise.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully you are better now. Remember, Crash and Burn is how We Learn.

thegayte-keeper said...

Hope things are looking better...


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