Monday, June 1, 2009

Fuck It! I'm Old, Dammit.

Sometimes folk will make you laugh at yourself, at your own inadequacies. True, true, true. In a positive way, of course.

OK, I'm not giving the full insight on this one, but it was made clear to me something, or somethings, I say are Wrong, wrong, wrong, and more muthafuckin' wrong.

Oopsies! Guess I faux pas'd. Break out the fags (think British here) and burn a bitch at the stake why dontcha? Vernacular and lexicon. Taste and taboo. Chile, please....

Now where was I?

Will say this much...honestly, I know I'm old and what I say sometimes might not jive with with what's contemporary or "in," but I'm a lil bit this and that, and to be sure, I really do (somewhere inside) love my big square self. Old is simply a state of mind. I'm not "old" as the expiration date on the milk container in my fridge. Up, my fat fucking ass need a "ed-ja-muh-cation" fore I attempt to run with the big dawgs.

Running? Or is it runnin'? Huh, what? I'm 39 years old! Do I really have time to doubt? Aw hell no...A little this, a little that, remember? Thus is so, so be it. Don't feel too about it none, neither. Oh and maybe it really is time to move back to the big city so the children can reeducate a bitch, no? Hmph. Too much white boy, not enough Negro, and way too bankrupt on homo fabulous, eh? REEALLY? {Ian chuckles.}

Oooh, you make me laugh with your words. Chuckle, cause it's true, and Ian can accept truth, don't have to love it, but definitely accept it. Sike! Now lemme take you off pause and release the lesson for today....


Ray Avito said...

This is awesome! It's like a poem. Since we are the same age, I'm obligated to tell you that you are not old...**chuckling**

...bankrupt on homo slay me!

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Thank you Ray Ray. I had to write this...sorta my response to the inner child rebelling again. Damn that child, LOL!!!


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