Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rewind: Alexis & Krystle...Bithces!!!

"Why You miserable Bitch!"

Chile, I'm having a sever case of gay flashback!!! I had to post this one. I think for any gay man who came of age and into his own back in the 80s, this clip has gotta be the pinnacle moment... And Alexis was a nasty bitch, you loved her so. Uh-huh. How in the world my crazy black fool myself for so long I was straight?!?!


Corey said...

I remember the day and the very hour...........................

Maybe this is why I'm so miserable and such a bitch!

Ray Avito said...

Check those heffas out! If you can believe this, we weren't allowed to watch this show as it was deemed to risque by the folks.

Jimmy said...

Loved this show as a child. That should have been my parents' first clue!


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