Monday, June 1, 2009

MED Thoughts on "44" (Thanks, Rippa!)

I saw this over on Rippa's blog, and I give brother full credit for his post! Please be sure to review the original article on The Intersection Of Madness And Reality. I'm re-posting here because it got this brutha to think and this certainly is a must v-cast for any Barack Obama supporter/advocate. Wanted to give others the opportunity to reflect and respond on Michael Eric Dyson's thoughts as well...

Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Dyson?
Read my comment and response to Rippa below after viewing the clip.

"Wow! I was really ready to throw down and defend Mister "44," who I love and respect no matter what the staunchest critics say about him, but Dr. Dyson was dead on. Unfortunately, Dr. D speaks the truth, really, that to the older generations, having a black president may not matter! Washington is just a hot bed of game,contention, and mess. Pander to my neighbor so I can get what I need for my constituents or my own self interests. I'm not saying the President isn't a good man or without altruistic intentions, but let's accept there's going to be issues he'll sidetrack, back peddle, and perhaps, completely overlook for a time, until he's comfortable with the impact he's made on the majority (translation white people).

The President has to straddle a difficult fence. I don't envy him, but again, I agree with Dr. Dyson Black people shouldn't give him a "free pass." He needs to be held accountable. Believe me, as a gay black man, I'm watching and hearing the rumblings the Gay Community is having with Obama for not fulfilling his promise to LGBTQ community over DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) and other equal rights for gays. They/we're certainly are holding him up to his word. They/we are demanding he honor his obligation he campaigned.

Should certain issues be sacrificed for the time being? Which issues need to go first? Does a lack to act firmly on minority issues mean "44' has forgotten about us? I don't think so. He has so much on his plate, but I think Obama wants to reach out universally, not to just one community or the other, which means some in the minority (issues) will get overlooked. Is it right? Hell, no. But it's P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S!

Here's a personal question I need to ask. As someone who understands what it's like to be multiracial, how is the whole matter of race, ethnicity, and identity seen by the POTUS? For himself? I've seen interviews. Does he relate as an American? Or does he HAVE TO because we've given Obama the "Black" label, strictly identify as Black (or African American in the truest sense)? We all know he's biracial, "mixed" as we used to say, but grew up in a different set of circumstances than your average African American. I wonder...

Now we've heard the jokes...when the President makes a mistake or slights Black folk, blame it on his "White" half. Is it fair that we hold him to a standard that he has to be 100% in our corner? Honestly? I wanna say he should because if he didn't have the labels in front of his name...Professor, Senator, Mr. know the racists would just see him as another "n" word. I don't know. America speaks with forked tongue no matter what the community, what the ethnic group, we all expect something from this President that he may or may not be able to achieve.

I accept that he'll need to not offend white people, who to be sure, many will accuse him of giving hand outs and freebies to "us" (Black folk) just because of his race. HOWEVER... like Dr Dyson indicated, each of the 43 Presidents preceding Mr. Obama looked out for their "own people," it just wasn't necessarily said because they were of the "majority." And Mr. Obama wants a second term. What President hasn't? So he's gotta play the game, back peddle in some areas, to insure he doesn't offend and hurt feelings to hinder a second term. Is this right? No, but is the nature of the beast. That's why I hate Politics. Ultimately, no matter who the politician, their best intentions, isn't it all about personal gain and legacy?


RiPPa said...

Thanks for linking and sharing this my brother.

Q said...

Do you ever think we'll live to see a gay President?

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Given where we stand in our current political environment? NO. But maybe are great grandnieces and nephews. I say another 80 years honestly.

ToddyEnglish said...

Honestly, I've never seen where he obligated himself to gay marraige. He did run on gay equality but from jump street he opposed to redefining of marriage. In his own words he supported Civil Unions and full equality...But his religious views forbade him to actually campaign for gay "marriage."

Yeah, Obama is first and foremost a politician. However, after that I tend to disagree with Dyson. The President cannot be all things at once. I'm paying close attention and I honestly believe he is doing right by the general public.

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Sorry I meant to say "our," not "are" in last comment. And Toddy, part of me agrees with you on the gay marriage thing... I'm leaning a little with Dyson on the other subjects though, and you know how much I love "44!"


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