Saturday, June 27, 2009


Blogging while intoxicated bitches. OK. Here's the deal yo! I am slightly tipsy tonight...not the Sexy Spectacular kind neither (I wish)..but I cracked up the Rolling Rock earlier because I had to get issues off my mind. Oh I can't even begin to repeat half the conversations I had with people today. All of them totally unexpected. Let's just say I feel way damn good about myself. WAY GOOD. Only problem now is I have to worry about to deal with all this pent up vibes I got coursing through my head, through my body. What's a man to do???

I'm not an alcoholic. This is first drink I've had since True Blood premiered and I had those Bloody Marys. Oops wait. I'm lyin' like a mug. I went out Thursday. My bad. It's all my boys' fault. {sinister laugh escapes my lips} Yeah? Yeah. The Revolution will be televised.

Oh lord. I hope not. What happens in the jewel of the south, remains in the jewel of the south. Ain't that right Thaddeus? Thaddeus!!! Shh. Don't tell my two Southern brother bloggers, cause they gon' be mad as hornets.

That's all I'm gon' say.


Wonder Man said...

i see

Ian (Darktomahawk) said...

V. I am laughing at myself. I had a nice buzz going on. I wasn't depressed, just feeling a little "amorous." Blame Thaddeus and a few of our brother bloggers...LOL.

How you been man?

thegayte-keeper said...



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