Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wielding The Axe

Thanks to everyone who has sent me email praising and complimenting the blog. I really work hard to make this interesting, so you're kind words, suggestions, and critiques are all welcome. I will respond to all your emails, just give me time. I know I hate when I take the time to email someone and then they don't email you back. You're always left with the feelin' you said or wrote something wrong, so rest assured, I will answer you back! Just give a me a little time.

Also if you have a blog, send me the link. I'll definitely put your link up. I'm getting comments from many men saying they're thankful for all the Black male photography. My stuff is all recycled, I'll admit that, but the pictures often reinforce the message to my written words. For quality photos, check out REAL artists like Aaron's MasculineCurves or Malik Williams website (I lost the link, but Google him and you'll find him easy enough). These guys showcase the best in Men of Color photography, in my humble opinion.

I'm freezing my ass off tonight and cold down to my bones. Temperatures quickly changed from last week when we were in the high 60s and close to the 70 degree mark. Got spoiled that fast! I can't think straight to post anything of substance, not even a handsome picture or two, cause it's so chilly! Yet, Winter remains one of my favorite seasons.

I forgot about my dinner date with Leoben but caught a little of American Idol because Hester and E.J. called and begged me to catch "Eyeliner Boy." Ugh! I hate the early Idol episodes because it's too painful to watch! I experience sympathy embarrassment for the people. And what the f8ck was up with the guy at the end?!?! Was Paula drunk, high, or both?!?! She did crack me up with her little dance. Paula is so stupid it isn't funny!I hope someone will put the clip on YouTube or DailyMotion. If they do, its going on the Axe for sure!

Oh bother! When I said stupid about Paula just now, I meant "stooopid," an expression commonly used in the Black community meaning you're silly or when one cuts up, not stupid meaning you're dumb. The explanation goes out to my European friends reading the Axe.

While on the subject of explanations, a couple folks have asked what's the meaning of "Weilding the Axe" and if the guy on the bike is me. Lemme answer the latter question first. If I was the guy on the bike, there's no way I'd be bloggin' as much as I have been, LOL. Naw, he's not me, but serves as my inspiration. I probably have the same complexion or skin as he does though. Maybe a shade or two more red, than him, with regards to skin complexion.

As far as the title goes, to wield means to handle, to control, to exert one's authority by means of influence, or to have something at one's command or influence. A-x-e is another way to spelling ax, which is an instrument or tool most commonly associated with cutting wood. Another definition for "axe" is to abruptly remove, separate, or sever. An "axe" may also describe a guitar, saxophone, or motorcycle.

I've always had a mild fascination with motorcycles, but I don't own one. (A-HA! thus explains the man on the motorcycle! The picture is a representation of my life.) Moreover, to master a motorcycle takes practice. To axe the negative influences over one's life, to wrest control from the authority without, and regain influence over the self within, is indeed Wielding the Axe. Comprendre vous? Versteht? ¿Entiende? Get It?!?! My warped mind works oddly. It makes prefect sense to me.

"But you spelled wield "w-e-i-l-d," which is wrong."

Well let me just say my spelling can be atrocious at times! I named the blog before I noticed the misspelling. My blog should be called "W-i-e-l-ding The Axe." The proper way to spell "Wield" is "w-i-e-l-d," yes, I know. I forgot the old English grammar rule "i" before "e" except after "c." Once I saw the mistake, I just left it. Chalk it up to one of those little quirky things about me I figure most people who know me are used to and would just accept. Besides, most Americans, I'm learning, are HORRIBLE spellers. I know I am, LOL. Praise the Bright Lady for spell checker software!

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