Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just A Little Patience

One annoying thing after I another happened yesterday, so instead of hopping on the blog and taking out my frustrations, I chose not to blog. My day was an exercise in frustration and futility.

I've never been one to suffer patience long, given my childhood, in my adult life I tend to expect instant results. Yes, yes, yes. I know, Eden wasn't created in a day, neither does life happen pronto fin, but damn, how long can a guy wait sometimes?

Yesterday was Dr. King's official birthday, with the observance to be celebrated this coming Monday. I will address some thoughts next week.

Thank God I have the day off next Monday. Doesn't matter if I didn't, I'd take the day off anyway. I used to have an employer who believed Dr. King's Birthday should be "a day on, not a day off." Bullshit! Don't get me started with that noise. Black people only get one damn holiday and you want me to work?!? Fuck that! How many dead white Presidents have I been given off for? Don't even get me stared on the celebration for American Conquest Day, or better known as Christopher Columbus Day. Sheesh!

Yeah, so I have strong feelings on people having to work on MLK Day. What of it?

I'm a little irritated this morning, but my mood will improve as the day goes on. I'm supposed to meet Leoben for dinner tonight. I might also call Napoleon, AGAIN. I'd left him a message a few days ago and he still hasn't called back. Don't you hate it when to take the time to contact someone and they don't return your call?!?

Our friendship has been a bit strained lately for reasons I don't feel like getting into, yet!

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