Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cold Night & A Warm Book

Just getting in from watching American Idol with friends, I feel more at ease and comfortable with the show tonight. It wasn't as torturous as the previous week's episode. As always, some performances were good, some were freak shows, and others were downright embarrassing. Surprisingly, there were only two I had to leave the room due to sympathy embarrassment pangs.

I'm calling it an early evening tonight. Work was exhausting and I'm feeling sluggish. Rest assured three big, well thought, personal posts coming. Typing them out is what's delaying logging them. Usually, when I have something of substance to blog, I'll write it out by hand then transfer it onto the Axe.

Concentration is difficult; my thoughts repeatedly harbor on the words bed and sleep. The spirit (to blog) is willing, but the flesh is weak (and worn out). Gotta listen what's flowing through the veins and rest up. It's early, perhaps I'll take a short nap, wake up refreshed, then blog later. Uh-huh, riiiiiight!

This will be the scenario. More than likely I'll peruse a few pages from The Horse and His Boy, book three in the Chronicles of Narnia series. I'm reading light-hearted, but my next venture is go through and reread all the E. Lynn Harris novels, finish up the anthologies of Langston Hughes I was reading, then tear into the Eric Jerome Dickey books I haven't read. The last EJD book I read was Genevieve. Not his best work, but not the worse by far. My favorite Dickey novel was Milk In My Coffee. Perhaps I'll add that to the list of rereads along with Darieck Scott's Traitor To The Race, Wally Lamb's I Know This Much Is True, and Alice Walker's The Color Purple, all favorites I can read over and over again.

As an avid reader, I try reading a good book as often as I can, occasionally two or three books concurrently. My tastes are moderate, nothing too serious. I've attempted to read classical literary pieces, like War and Peace, only to stop and start and stop. After six times, I've given up. I've never finished. Perhaps I'm not learned enough, but Tolstoy seems way above me (and boring as a scoreless baseball game in the 15th inning)!

So it's off the computer, into the shower, on with my favorite comfy sweatpants & t-shirt, under the covers with the electric blanket on, and novel in hand. I'll probably fall asleep with the light on, becoming a ritual of late, and a expensive habit. My electric bill! Merde!

G'night folks! Pleasant dreams....

Prelude to future Blogging: "I definitely should reread Traitor To The Race by Darieck Scott."

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