Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hello? Calling Nanook of the North! Hello?

Siberia has invaded Pennsylvania, or at least it feels like it! Wish I was wherever my handsome fellow to the left was! Temperatures are in the low 20s, but with the wind chill, it has to be below Zero or lower! Time to renegotiate with Spring and Summer to become my favorite seasons again, just hurry, and get here!

Days like this I just want to ooze in the hottest bath and stay there! Shhhiiittt! I'm Freezing! Hey, Hester, don't ya wanna go to Phuckett, Thailand, right about now?

Purposely taking two days off to spend time amongst the living, there's plenty discussion to be had about my weekend, but my temporary hiatus isn't finished yet! Daring to brave Jack Frost and Old Man Winter's worst, I'm trekking over to Hester's for supper, games, and stimulating debate, then back home.

Cooking in the crock pot as I type is chili, to be followed by homemade corn muffins, for late supper tonight. That will suffice for a couple meals. Mmmm, chili. Weather like this brings out the childhood memories of my mum cooking chili and rice on cold winters' night. Ya can't beat your mother's home cooking, especially on frigid wintry days. This kinda weather you need something to stick your ribs. Food for the body, heart, and mind!

With regards to warmer thoughts, I'd wanted to post this for the Christmas Holidays, but forgotten until I rediscovered it on my hard drive. Today would be apropos to post this clip from a popular Christmas program. Tell me what you think (at least all you sick of Winter, anyway). Would you rather it 101 or 10 below?!?!

Keep warm out there!

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