Monday, January 14, 2008

For The Team, Man, For The Team...

As much as I can't stand the man, I felt bad for T.O. this morning. (Hey E.J. what up, bruh? Where you at now?)

Naw, I won't be ig'nant like they were this mornin' on the TJMS, but you know when I heard about T.O. blubbering all over the place, I first thouhht it was a ploy to soften his image folks, to so a gentler side, and chase away his arrogant persona. Didn't do shit for me!

People I know, except for E.J., hate T.O. Of course, the majority of them are Eagles fans. And while I think the man has a great body( an abso-fucking-lutely great body!), T.O.'s not my favorite person in the world either. His attitude, his homophobia...sorry, I can't get past his previous statements and behavior.

, a part of me wants to turn the other cheek, and feel sorry for the guy...Don't worry, Terrell & E.J. , there's always next season. It's what I keep reminding myself about the Steelers...

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