Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bob Evans Can Keep His Farm

Spent the afternoon doing close to nothing. I went over to Hester's for dinner, watched old Bugs Bunny Cartoons, and had contemplated possibly going downtown for a drink, but sleepiness has caught up with me. Dude, I'm gettin' old! I'm ready for bed! Now!

I must be gettin' old. Used to be a time where I couldn't stand being in the house on a Saturday night. Now, all I can think about now is crawling in between the covers and getting some zzz's. Oh well. Guess I can't be a reckless youth forever. Peter Pan only exists in Never Neverland.

Just a quick post 'fore I go to bed....There's nothing substantial at present to discuss anyway. Nothing I can type out quickly. I have to work overtime tomorrow, so I guess all my thoughts are geared towards muddling through tomorrow afternoon. It's a good thing I'll be earning some extra cash, I should be able to catch up on some bills. I was careful this Holiday season and didn't go overboard with spending. Still, the January bills are on their way, so the extra ducats in my pocket will definitely help.

Tomorrow evening, hopefully, I'll have something significant to blog about. Working the PA Farm Show is always a treat. I'm being facetious. I'm not big on being around farm animals. Even though I've lived in Central PA, some of them rural, going on 18 years now, I still haven't adjusted to the smell of manure. Springtime is always a difficult time with the horrendous odor! I'm sure I'll be retching from the stench in the Farm Show Complex by the time my shift is over. At least I can grab some decent food while I'm there. The Farm Show, if nothing else, has plenty of good eats available for tasting.

Enough complaining. The sandman is knocking at the door and I'm ready to receive him with arms wide open. Now if he could only be as dreamy as the different guys I've been fantasizing over lately, then everything will be fine....

G'night folks!

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