Tuesday, January 8, 2008


On an ordinary day, such as today, Eternity began... Who's to say what was before Eternity, only one person may begin to know, and He isn't talking. Within his palms, he holds fortunes and futures. He sees dawns come, sees dusks go. Within time, there is no limit and Heaven was created with a single word. And it was good. On a walk through midnight, the stars give testament to the cause. They were diamonds when Odin was young. The is no foresight untold to them. They watched the angels crawl from perches above and dance with men, unlike the seraphs, who choose to remain at the door to Heaven, keeping their vigil. With the clouds and the sun, the gold in the street makes man drool with envy. For it is impossible to know such things until those gates we have crossed. When He looked down, He gave the logos new meaning. He breathed and it was so. And it was good. And on an ordinary day, quite like today, the extraordinary really did happen. Profound as it seems, the gods smile upon Him. They bowed before His radiance, knew of His truth, and coyed away, give heed to His Goodness. They watched, almost like we watch, and they smiled. Eternity began. And it was good.

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